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Send us copy of your Quickbooks file

  1. Go to the File menu and click Accountant’s Copy,

  2. Select Client Activities & then click Send to Accountant.

  3. Confirm you want to send an Accountant’s Copy and click Next.

  4. Choose a dividing date. (year-end being sent). Click Next.

  5. Enter for our email address, your name and your e-mail address. Enter for accountant’s e-mail address and re-enter it to confirm it is correct. QuickBooks uses this e-mail address to send your Accountant’s Copy to us.

  6. Choose a password to protect the Accountant’s Copy. We will use this password to access the Accountant’s Copy. Please use the following as your password: LastnameFirstname (where first letter of your lastname and firstname are uppercase)

  7. Click Send.

We will receive an e-mail with a link that downloads your Accountant’s Copy.

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