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10% Temporary Wage Subsidy

This will provide a subsidy of up to $25,000 against payroll remittances to Canada Revenue Agency.


  • You are an individual, corporation (CCPC), partnership, non-for profit entity with a valid payroll number on March 18, 2020 and you pay salary, wages, bonuses or other remunerations to an eligible employee.

Amount of Subsidy

  • The subsidy is equal to 10% of the remuneration you pay from March 18, 2020 to June 19, 2020. The maximum subsidy that can be claimed are as follows:

  • $1,375 for each employee​

  • Total of $25,000 per employer

How to Apply

  • There is no application process for this subsidy. Once the eligible subsidy amount is calculated, it should be reduced from the Income Tax Deduction portion of the total remittance. If you do not reduce your payroll remittance, at the end of the year (2020), CRA will pay the amount to you or transfer it to your next year's remittance automatically.

For more information, please visit this link. You can also email us at for more information

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